by Isabelle Boutriau

AGATHE is a collaborative dialogue aimed to reflect on what it feels to live as a woman away from one’s own country. It touches on issues around migration, construction of the self, belonging and integration. Identity is a fluid concept, in particular in the context of migration, and cultural hybridism is a common feature. As much as they strive to integrate, migrants remain outsiders, in transit between two ‘homes’. Agathe is originally from Cameroon. She temporarily moved to Austria some twenty years ago. She says that if she likes Vienna so much, it is certainly because she never stopped loving Douala.

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 ‘Agathe’ is the first chapter of a long-term project entitled ‘Maybe I Will Leave’. A first iteration of the book is now available online as a flipbook. At a later stage, I would like to see it published as a real physical object. 

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