by Carly Maling

I get asked a lot about my anxiety and why I’m so anxious all the time. This image series begins to address that. I haven’t had it easy and I still struggle with the lasting effects of my childhood. Yet, I still go out and live my life each day because I have too. I don’t have a support network. So, this is for the high functioning mental health sufferers in society. We get so good at masking how we feel, that a lot of people don’t know what’s going on. This can be for many reasons but mental health still isn’t as accepted as it should be. Whether that’s at work, at home or at school, there’s still a lot of work to do around mental health. Here you’ll see a snippet from a zine that I’m starting to create that takes away my mask to show others that they aren’t alone. Although, for me, this project is more than raising awareness of anxiety. Anxiety is panic attacks at 3am and barricading yourself in a room like the movies but it’s just so much more than that. It’s about reclaiming myself too.

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If you could make it happen with a snap of your fingers, where and how would you like your work to be seen?

This is a social project, so if I could do absolutely anything. I’d want to use it to start a bigger media project to raise complete awareness of mental health. I’d want to have a successful social media project and start doing workshops around mental health as well as starting my own press to help publish other works that look at mental health whilst doing a few exhibitions along the way.

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