Isac & Evert

by Victor Klaesson with Isac Meijer and Evert Fremlén

Isac and Evert are two creative young men living in Gothenburg. I came in contact with them through a coincidence. Some people would probably describe them simply as “troubled youth”. In reality they are light-years away from that stereotype. They are best friends and I have followed them with my camera for almost a year now. This has never been a straightforward project. In the beginning it was quite unclear what I wanted to accomplish, I just saw that these two had a story to tell. Their approach to everyday life is laid back with lots of freedom and until recently, lots of drugs. I have photographed them taking various substances, many times, and after they have been
developed we have looked at those images together. What started as a chronicle about two young men trying to find their way has evolved into a friendship and a story about two young men who are on the verge of choosing a new path in life. Isac and Evert are no longer only my subjects, it’s a collaboration.

Instagram: @victorklaesson

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Collage by Victor Klaesson.

If you could make it happen with a snap of your fingers, where and how would you like your work to be seen?

This is the hall of Hasselblad Center, Göteborg. This is where I met Anders Petersen, who is a great inspiration to this project, and this is where I go to think. I have always imagined ‘Isac & Evert’ as a guerrilla exhibition and that is how I will show it going forward but I do admit it would be an honor to see it exhibited at Hasselblad. 

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