The Dudes

by Carl-Mikael Björk

The Dudes series is an ongoing project where I use lighting and post processing with connotations to glossy fashion magazines as I explore archetypical masculinities. Even though I exclusively shoot myself, the photos are not self-portraits as such. The photos are becoming with false eyelashes, makeup and costumes. They perform gender and raise multiplicities. Possibly creating lines of flight emerging from rhizomes of identity and uniformity. By infiltrating archetypical masculinity with non-normative, or even queer attributes, I’m certainly pushing my own ability to feel with others. Possibly also for a viewer.


Instagram: @carlmikaelbjork

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If you could make it happen with a snap of your fingers, where and how would you like your work to be seen?

The images in the series are shot in very high resolution and I’d love to display them as large (1m wide) prints, where the viewer can enjoy the fine details in make-up and accessories. As for where – definitely at the Plan B club/music venue in my home town of Malmö.

Collage by Carl-Mikael Björk. Collage source photos: La Bruna, Gianluca (2020). Plan B. Malmö: Kira förlag.

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