My Feet Hurt

by Richard Cranfield

This image is about puberty, but it is also about empathy. It is about my want as father to understand and support my daughter as she grows up. Made collaboratively in its conception and staging, this image on the surface appears surreal and absurd yet it seeks to understand a reality. An inner reality of the contemplation of self-image, of comparing one’s self to others, and of coming to terms with a change over which you have no control.
It is part of a series of images that has been exploring the theme of adolescence and the psychological impact of lockdown and isolation on children.

Instagram: @rich.photog

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If you could make it happen with a snap of your fingers, where and how would you like your work to be seen?

If I could have this series displayed anywhere it would be wherever children and adolescents are seeking therapy to deal with their challenges. I would love for someone to find a resonance in my work that helps them explain how they feel, to feel less alone and more understood.

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