The Glasgow Effect

by Sofia Conti

‘The Glasgow Effect’ is a term associated with the low life expectancy of Glasgow’s population. The East End in particular has been classed as the most deprived area in Scotland and over the years there have been many studies which suggest this is linked to high unemployment, poor health, addiction issues and crime. Originating from Edinburgh and moving to Glasgow in 2015 I noticed a significant difference in the landscape’s appearance. Witnessing so much neglect and desolation on a daily basis was difficult to swallow and it saddened me that many members of the community stated, “that is how things are”.

The prime focus was about illustrating how the East End’s, urban landscape continues to be a place of desolation, that is neglected and overlooked resulting in the issues being swept under the carpet. Throughout this process I explored the concepts of New Topographics, place/non-place and liminal space by constructing a surreal environment from the reality of the situation, that conveys the alienation of the community to the rest of society. The rationale here was to demonstrate how certain parts of these locations continue to be placed in a state of limbo where they are unable to evolve.



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Collage by Sofia Conti.

If you could make it happen with a snap of your fingers, where and how would you like your work to be seen?

As my practice is ethically based, I would want the work to be displayed in the East End of Glasgow. The project is for the people who reside and or work in the local community. Being a deprived area, it is vital the project is free to access. Holding an outdoor gallery space would consist of one or several locations to display the imagery to ensure the community has a platform to be seen and heard.

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