We Are Rea

by Damla Şahinbaş

In this series, the concept of deformation is used as a phenomenon of destruction and reconstruction. Due to the traumas caused by the strict body politics of the conservatism in Turkey, the urge for destruction and reconstruction becomes determinative within the technique of the series. In order to hold onto one’s life after experiencing trauma, safely sustain one’s existence, and open space for oneself, it is inevitable to undergo destruction. Equally to microcosms (safe space) that individuals create while seeking freedom in their daily lives, the post-destruction random disorderliness in this project achieves it inner order. In this concept, the produced series both technically and narratively identifies with the urge for destruction and reconstruction.

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Instagram: @damlasahinbas_

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Collage by Damla Şahinbaş

If you could make it happen with a snap of your fingers, where and how would you like your work to be seen?

What gives confidence to people like me in this geography is not the appointed family, money, a nice house, or a nice job. The element that makes the safe space safe for us; our own chosen, acquired family. We have to find safe spaces for ourselves to survive without being subjected to violence, triggered, manipulated, or killed. In fact, the WE ARE REA project is exactly about this. In this series, I describe the inevitable process of destruction and reconstruction after a rebellion and the resulting micro-safe areas. With this collage, I tried to convey the concept of a safe space. The places that seem uncanny, old, and ruined from the outside are our own lives and the people around us make them safe. My biggest goal is to be someone’s safe space with my production and soul.

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